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Spine Center at Atlanta Orthopedics

The Spine Center is a multidisciplinary center that makes use of clinical protocols and specialists who dedicate themselves to understanding the most advanced treatment methods for a particular problem. We strive to offer advanced technology and medical treatment while diagnosing your spinal disorder. Our goal is to return you to an active lifestyle and afford pain relief as safely and quickly as possible.

We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of medical care. We work closely with other healthcare providers to assure continuity and coordination of care is communicated throughout the healing process. Our goal is focused in providing our patients excellent medical and surgical care to meet their goals.

We treat spinal disorders from the neck to the low back from degenerative to traumatic. Through on-going education we make every effort to use the safest, most innovative approach to meet the unique needs of our individual patients. We have a dedicated staff to assist patients through the healing process.

Our Spine Center was established to create a center of excellence to facilitate the expert care for patients with spinal disorders. Our staff consists of orthopedic surgeons, physiatrist, and physician assistants who have specialized training and expertise in this field.

Dr. Mark Feeman is the Co-Director of the Spine Center at Atlanta Orthopedics.

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